Ander Lackman

Human Illuskan Bard


Bursting with instruments, this well travelled person is more than your average performer. His sparkling smile and quick wit diffuses many situations. Although a little portly, it is caused by his excellent performances with new acquaintances and lack of dedicated travel.


Born to a well-off farming family, Ander was not expected to live past five because of his weak looking body. He surprised everyone by living but because of his lack of strength helped out more in the house than outside it. It was his ability to memorize and ad lib stories and talent with the flute that brought the attention of the local skald, whom he was apprenticed to. After learning the basics, he developed the ability to cast spells through his music. It was then that he was sent to the guild house of the skalds a large trading city. It was here that he developed his abilities further and developed a love of entertaining others for the sheer joy of it. It was also here that tragedy forced him to leave his homeland and people.

A visiting Minstrel, Windharrow, was present during a gathering of skalds in which a sixteen year old Ander was going to perform his graduating performance and be a full member in the guild. Windharrow was interested in his performance and asked for a private show from Ander so he could help him, which Ander accepted. That night, Windharrow was asked to give a performance of his own and shocked Ander when he performed Ander’s own work! Angered but focused, Ander thought of a new performance while others gave their own shows. When Ander finally gave his graduating show, it was a hit and he was admitted as a full guildmember.

Ander might have carried on with his life with his own people, as a travelling skald if it were not for one final act by Windharrow. After the visiting minstrel left, it was found that not only several tomes of cultural value were stolen from the guild vault but a significant portion of the reserve fund was gone too. Ander swore to get back what belonged to the guild but not before defeating him…by duelling performances.

Ander Lackman

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